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IP Right Management

Intellectual Property Right is the protection right given by a government to the founder of intellectual properties which may include Copy right, Trade mark, Patent, industrial design etc .FATRONZ INTERNATIONAL is one of the best intellectual property right investigators, with a great enthusiastic professional team. We are having a great experience in the IPR investigations all over India.We investigate every aspects of the violations of TRIPS agreement. A TRIPS agreement i.e. Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Right agreement is an International agreement under WTO, World Trade Organisation in which they have made some minimum standards for intellectual properties. It was made in GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in 1994 at Uruguay. Under TRIPS agreement the WTO will provide the rights to protect from the illegal usages of intellectual property.

Some of the main intellectual property rights are Patent, Copy right, Design Right, Trade Mark, Trade Secret etc . A Patent is the protection right given to the owner or an innovator to have own control in their products or idea such as making, selling etc . The Copy right can be defines as the protection benefits given by an authority to the maker to have restriction on their creation from forgery, selling and creating etc without their concern. Whereas the Design Right can be explained as the prevention rights given to the designer to secure their design from using without the concern in any manner which may include colour, shape, font, size etc . The Trademark is the freedom or the rights given to restrict or to have a control for using a brand name by others, other than the owner which may include the use of sign, letters, design, colour, expression, etc. Also Trade Secret is the preservation rights given to the founder or an initiator to preserve their formula, design, practice, pattern etc from using by others in any manner.

The IPR infringement causes serious legal violation. There had been lot of important judgment about the IPR infringements. In 2009 there were 5 most important cases related to the IPR infringement. A proper impeccable investigation is needed to prove the IPR infringements. We FATRONZ INTERNATIONAL are one of the prime IPR investigators and cannot be replaced as our credibility and professionalism is too high, we collect the details in to minute level and our inimitable investigators don't leave any prior area without heeding.The relevance of Anti Infringement action is the protection against the misuse of a brand name, if someone misused a brand name that will affect the brand and its business. Our Credibility, Professionalism, Confidentiality and the extraordinary team works made us a great name among the Anti counterfeit investigators.

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