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Global Network

Fatronz's vision is to reduce risks in the corporate world to a minimum level. For that we have developed an operational strategy with a global perspective, but a localized approach. This holistic approach helps us to serve all kinds of clients around the globe with a capability to reach even minute segment of their targets. Also our wide and unified global network acts as a single point of contact for our multi national clients to meet their requirements in various parts of the world. Hence, they can get the desired results in a prompt and comprehensive manner. We are operating in different countries either through our direct office or through our associates and affiliates in each region. Each personnel in our network have all the expertise and capability to meet our client's need by keeping all their expectations. Kindly select region from below list to know more about our services in that particular area.

China & Hong Kong
Middle East
South East Asia
South America
North America
Australia & New Zealand