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Marketing Research

Marketing Research is a process that connects the customer, consumer and public to the marketer through information. This research can determine and recognise the marketing opportunities and impediments; to select target markets; to create, filter and assess the marketing actions; to observe marketing presentation; and to make better understanding of the marketing functions. It defines the information, directs and executes the data-collection procedure, explores the outcomes, and communicate the findings and their suggestions. The implementation of theories, problem-decoding methods, and proficiency to determine and solve problem in marketing are concerned with this research. To balance the unexpectable customer’s taste, companies often interest in marketing research.

The marketing research is a tool to assist marketing managers in their decision making. Enlarged customer focus, domestic and international competition, and need for resource productivity has made an emphasis on marketing research. The marketing managers can’t wait for the bits and pieces of information from marketing department. They often demand official studies of specific circumstances. For example, a company wants to know how many and which kind of people will purchase their new model. In this situation, their marketing department may not able to provide the detailed information needed from their existing knowledge and the managers do not have the much time and skill to acquire the information on their own. The formal study which is conducted accordingly by the professionals will be highly beneficial.

Fatronz International offers a systematic and objective study to generate information for aid in making marketing decisions. Our associates are capable to provide transparent data that you needed and they will be going through several procedures to gain the exact report. Such as

• Define the problem
• Develop an approach to the problem
• Formulate a research design
• Field work
• Prepare and analyse the data
• Present the report

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