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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is a process of examining the competitive ambiance in which your business takes place. It helps to find out your competitors in the market and assessing their business strategies to figure out their strength and weakness to those of your own product or service.
Competitive analysis is decisive part of a business marketing plan. with this analysis, you can simply implant what makes your product unique.

Fatronz associates evaluate your competitors by distinguishing them into various sects according to how they compete for the share of the costumers' penny. We list out each sect's product or service, its profitability, growth pattern, marketing objectives and assumptions, current and past business strategies, organizational and cost structure and the volume of the sales to establish your product's presence.

The associates conduct a thorough study of the succeeded companies and unravel the facts behind their success to you. And they will make you bothered about the bitter experiences of the unsuccessful. This analysis would give you a transparent idea of just what key assets and skills are needed to be succeed.
The predominant objectives of Fatronz Competitive analysis can be summarized as follows.

• To evaluate the trend of the market and customer
• List out the strategies to excess the market shares
• Determining Competitors’ current business strategy and its strength and weakness
• Guiding to expand the strategy of entrepreneurial growth when the company plans for diversification and developing plans
• Identifying competitors’ strategies may help in anticipating upcoming threats and opportunities.

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