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Asset Tracing

Asset Tracing is a process to estimate any person's or company's property which has been hidden by them. It often includes the verification of the property that are given to explore. There are several reasons why an individual or a company wish to hide their assets, but there are equivalent reasons why an individual or a company try to know the depth of those assets; these include

• Preparing for legal proceedings
• Institutions or investors willing to loan or invest huge sum of money
• Background screening by an individual on his or her intended spouse
• A spouse wishing to check his or her partner’s assets in a strong divorce action

For example; It is seen that may more companies often make the mistake by taking an individual or a company to the court before having a proper research on them. They presume that their allegations charged against them are too strong to lose and the court's decision will possibly fall in their favour. Such illusions may badly affect your case and you may face the bitter taste of the failure. For avoiding such a state, you must ensure your subject's economic status in a discrete way before taking them to court or starting the court proceedings. That's where the Asset Tracing is so relevant.

Fatronz has agents throughout in Kerala. Our extremely effective services offer you to locate the hidden assets. The agents work within a frame that you have set us and only take the genuine avenues to track the information, i.e. the findings of our agents can be legally submitted to the court and you can also take them to substantiate any claim that you have. All the findings that done by the Fatronz agents are of high standard and can be legally proceeded to the court as evidence. Our agents have impeccable experiences and those experiences are huge benefits to trace the assets which have been extremely well-hidden by the subjects.

The verification means to explore the company, buildings or land owned by the subject secretly. In certain situations, the subjects' assets are subjected to verified to state their volume of wealth. Our associates are immensely capable to take such an investigation. They will ensure you to know about the clear report that includes the genuine facts of the given property. It will be factual, even if you take this to legal proceedings.

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