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Consumer Fraud : What to avoid ?

November 9, 2016
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Being an exceptional from the list of “consumer fraud victims” is impossible for almost 95% of us. In a way or another, we had many times tasted its bitter sour . Dreamy offerings of millions and billions from many spheres are making us blind to give all our personal and financial details to anonymous pers, insecurely. Biggest fun is that most of such frauds happen with the elite group of well educated professionals. Even after getting cheated, our complexes and reputations prevent us from revealing the truth in public. This psychological factor further catalyzes similar incidents to reach their ultimate and vigorous limits.

 The term ‘Consumer Fraud’ represents a wide scope of varieties such as Identity theft, Fake lotteries, Bank frauds (cheque kiting, counterfeiting cheques, forging signatures), Insurance frauds, Business frauds, Fake charities, Mortgage frauds, Debit & Credit Card frauds, Internet online frauds, etc. Major reasons behind almost all such scams are greediness and ignorance of consumers.  Here, I am adding some small tips to get away from being victims of such kinds of frauds.

  •  Avoid greediness for wealth and understand there is no way to be a billionaire within one day
  •    Avoid advance payments  for products and services to unknown providers
  •  Avoid believing of doubling and tripling of your money in a small period
  •   Avoid giving of own personal credentials to others
  •   Avoid donations to illegitimate charity organizations
  •   Avoid replies to unknown mails and messages offering huge profits in no time
  • Avoid investments in unknown firms
  • Avoid giving debit and credit cards to anyone without our sole presence

Ø  Finally, Think Before Each And Every Step. For further information, kindly contact us on….

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